What’s the deal with this role?

The successful candidate will be the world’s (and the company’s) first dedicated Meat Sommelier, possessing one of the finest palates in the UK. The role is a fixed term contract for 2 months, with a highly competitive rate reflective of the degree of refinement that we expect from each tastebud.

THIS™ requires stamina, as the successful candidate will be expected to give feedback on up to 20 different meat alternatives a day. Therefore, the weak of tongue need not apply.

The Meat Sommelier will work directly with the innovation team and oversee the creation of all new products, as well as making incremental improvements on existing products. You will be the first swallow and the final chew of every product before they hit the shelves.

What will you be doing?

  • Oversee the conception, development, testing and commercialization of new plant-based products for THIS
  • Daily tastings of THIS™ vs other Meat-Alternative products
  • Suggesting key areas for improvement to the Innovation team

What are we looking for?

  • Someone with a deep, end-to-end understanding of meat
  • An Olympically trained tongue that is relentless in its pursuit of perfection
  • Well versed in the language and art of tasting

How to apply

  • Click “APPLY” and submit a short tasting review of any food or drink to us
  • The successful applicant will display swirling, spitting and flavour analysis of the highest caliber
  • THIS™ is high energy and the right candidate needs to be dripping with enthusiasm
  • Keep it snappy, no one likes a dribbler
  • THIS™ isn’t a popularity contest, but it also kind of is, so make sure to share your video on social media using the hashtag #THISMEATSOMMELIER

Terms & Conditions

  • The job opening is for one individual only
  • The successful candidate will be paid £2000
  • Application deadline August 6th 2021
  • Start date August/September 2021
  • Over 18 only
  • NDA to be signed upon acceptance – we have to be absolutely certain that your agile tongue won’t go wagging to anyone else
  • Four tasting days required a month
  • Candidates can have a separate full time job during duration of role
  • Candidates have to be UK based and able to travel
  • Must be willing to be featured in behind the scenes video recordings
  • Orange clothing is forbidden during working hours

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