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The Snapshot – As we transition from a plucky ‘having a go’ startup to (hopefully) a leading company in the meat-free category, we need an experienced and dynamic marketeer to build a world-class marketing function.

THIS has taken circa £21m in VC and crowdfunding to date, and it’s likely that for a start-up, our marketing resources will remain relatively substantial. Now just need the right person to join us and help deploy those resources as effectively as possible.

In terms of our tone of voice to date, we’ve tried to be rebellious, uncensored, relatable, NOT preachy, witty and the opposite of Quorn. Basically, we try and use humour to disarm peoples’ defensiveness around meat reduction.

What is THIS?

THIS is a high-growth, VC-backed start-up producing plant-based food. Meat-alternatives, to be exact. In fact if we’re being reallllly exact – our products are at the leading-edge of the plant-based sector in terms of taste, texture and appearance. Here’s our insta, for a quick stalk –

It’s worth mentioning that since our launch in June 2019, the company has experienced extremely significant growth in revenue – around 35% compound every month we’ve been trading. 

Why are we doing THIS?

We’re Andy and Pete – co-founders of THIS. Our last job entailed selling tonnes (literally tonnes) of meat. Then we felt bad. Also, we felt like meat-alternatives weren’t realllllly for people who love the taste of meat. We felt like they were for people who like sandals and socks. So we’ve basically ended up making THIS for ourselves, but we’d love other meat-lovers to nom nom it too. THIS is a game-changer. 

At our core, we believe:

  • Stereotypes around plant-based food need to be bulldozed
  • Guilt-trips don’t make people hungry
  • Plant-based food should mean zero-compromise

What will you be doing?

  • This will be truly a leadership role, and you’ll ultimately be responsible for all marketing activities at THIS, across all channels 
  • Working with our People team to build out the Marketing team to make the best in the game!
  • Executing ATL campaigns whilst handling the full Marketing budget
  • Setting compelling and comprehensive goals for the marketing team
  • Empowering the marketing team with the leadership and resources they need to complete their goals 
  • Regularly audit efficacy of the brand’s marketing spend across all channels 
  • Ensuring the brand is producing enough (funny) content every month 
  • Working closely with the co-founders (Andy in particular) on the company’s high-level marketing strategy and bring some of the creative ideas to life
  • Help develop the brand and tone of voice 
  • Working with our Innovation team to deliver world-class new products into the plant-based category 
  • Building out the company’s PR strategy, and help execute more fun stunts like this:
  • Build the brand’s online presence with SEO and digital advertising partners 
  • Create and manage a detailed marketing budget for the brand, across all channels 

What are we looking for?

  • Someone with an end-to-end understanding of FMCG marketing, preferably in food or drink 
  • Preferably 7+ years of experience in FMCG marketing 
  • Ideally, a person who’s worked in a high-growth company and has experienced all of the associated growing pains and wins
  • Someone with extensive leadership and management experience 
  • A HUSTLER. This person will be a phenomenal project manager, who can juggle many plates at once 
  • Positive attitude, proactivity, and a tenacious character: things in our business can change very quickly, so being comfortable reacting quickly to unexpected opportunities and challenges is super important too! 
  • Ability and interest to work cross-functionally, we’re a small team and believe that strong collaboration will take us further than working in silos 
  • Honesty & integrity – a conviction in your work to improve your small patch of the world for yourself and for others 
  • Team player: we’re colleagues but also mates (unless we’re playing table tennis) 

Other stuff 

As a start-up, everyone who joins us needs to be ready to roll up their sleeves and carry out tasks away from their core focus because – they just need to get done. That could be helping to prepare samples for a customer meeting, trying new products and giving tasting notes, packing cold bags into boxes or a lot of other random stuff that comes up. They’re not always the most glamorous jobs, but from the founders down, the whole team gets involved! 

From our side 

  • A competitive salary that fairly recognises your experience and potential. 
  • We are offering share-options in our company to everyone who joins us at this early stage 
  • 25 days paid holiday plus bank-holidays – we care about our team’s wellbeing, so we make sure you have time to fully switch off, rest, and recharge. 
  • Flexible working hours – We’re not a 9-5. No-one will tap their watch if you prefer to start late and finish late because you like to go to the gym before work. Our focus is on your ability to deliver for the business, not your ability to keep strict working hours. 
  • We really care about our team’s wellbeing so we give everyone a wellness allowance every year to spend on things that will improve their wellness like gym memberships, fitness classes, counselling, physio, meditation apps and more.
  • A values-led working environment that encourages putting people first, honesty, curiosity and leadership. 

The chance to have a meaningful impact 

As a small, albeit growing, team you’ll be exposed to – and have the chance to contribute towards – challenges and projects at all levels and in all areas of the business. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of the experience or seniority of who came up with it. 

We’d love to hear from you, so please apply with your CV and a cover letter.


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