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Inclusion and Diversity Manifesto

THIS is our Inclusion and Diversity Manifesto, which we’re championing throughout the team so that we can hold ourselves accountable and ensure transparency and openness in our dialogue around inclusion and diversity. We were founded by two middle-class white men, and for some reason, most applicants to THIS roles took gap yahhs, went to private school and love skiing. So we need to work extra-hard to make sure our team is as representative of wider society as possible.

THIS actively promotes, supports and celebrates complete inclusion, diversity and equality across all people from every walk of life for our team members, our customers and any one who we come into contact with. Not only is it the right thing to do as human beings, but diversity is essential in giving us a healthy mix of backgrounds and contrasting perspectives in order to drive innovation. So it’s sort of selfish too. Oh and just as importantly - without inclusion, diversity is not sustainable.

We commit to actively promoting inclusion in our team culture by educating the team and supporting them to improve and celebrate inclusion and diversity in their team environment. We empower and encourage each other to overcome the barriers that divide us in wider society. We facilitate this by:

  • Fostering an open, transparent, respectful and inclusive team culture.
  • Continually listening, learning, teaching and supporting each other so that everyone can have a voice and a place within THIS.
  • Ensuring our recruitment process is fair and is free from conscious and unconscious bias in order to promote diversity.
  • Giving our team training on championing inclusion and diversity.
  • Doing all of the above without creating a climate of over-compensation. We still have a laugh and don’t all tread on eggshells!

The journey for complete inclusion and diversity is never-ending, so we will continue to learn and improve our ways of advocating this important matter. We’re currently a small team and we know that our organisation is not representative of the wider society - and this needs to change. We will keep pushing forward with our inclusion and diversity in order to achieve a truly inclusive and diverse team and then continue pushing to sustain this.

Quality Executive
The successful candidate will join the company's newly created Procurement function, reporting to the Technical Manager, meaning they’ll support with building new structures, processes, and ways of working while supporting the maintenance and improvement of existing processes. This is an ...
Commercial Manager (Impulse & Convenience)
This will be one of our newest additions to our Commercial team. As our impulse & convenience Commercial Manager, you’ll be securing some huge wins which are to be had and you’ll be the go-to person for driving growth in ...
Commercial Manager (Grocery)
The successful candidate will directly manage some of our biggest and most valuable customers. As we transition from “the new kid on the block” to a cemented brand within the category we are keen to maintain our great momentum. There ...
International Commercial Manager
So we’re expanding. A LOT. For a company that is only 2.5 yrs old we’ve come a long way. We’re now looking for an awesome International Commercial Manager to join our team. This person will be the go to individual ...
Community Manager
We’re growing pretty quickly and, as we get into more restaurants and retailers, our tribe of customers grows. Making sure they love the products and brand is essential to the success of THIS™. A large part of the Community Manager ...
Technical Project Manager
The successful candidate will be a valuable addition to THIS’ growing Innovation team; that means they’ll be responsible for project managing all our kickass ideas to market. We’ve allocated a lot of our latest funding round to build an R&D ...

If your dream role isn’t listed above - don’t despair. New roles come up loads and it’d be great to get to know you now if you’re passionate about joining THIS™. Please send your CV and cover letter (if you want) to [email protected] and, honestly, we do check that inbox - it’s not a massive fob off.

Btw all our roles are based in our London office.