What’s THIS™ made of?!

So although you can find fuller (how is that a word?!) ingredients lists on our product pages, THIS™ is predominately made from soy bean protein, water and pea protein. Each product has other ingredients, but those are the main ones that both make up the majority of each product, and are present in all of our food at the moment.

Seriously tho - how do you make it that similar to meat?

So the main reason why our food is really meaty, is that we took AGES (around 1.5 years) to develop it, and it was really really really hard. We have tasted over 2,000 iterations across our 8 launch products – it’s been a long old road.

In terms of texture, we take plant-based ingredients and introduce heat, pressure and water. By dialling in our recipes and our cooking techniques, we’re able to produce food with a fibrous texture – just like meat.

When it comes to taste, that’s a case of breaking down exactly what it is that makes chicken or bacon smell and taste like chicken and bacon. Once you identify the constituent parts of those tastes and smells, you can try to recreate them using a lot of clever people with clever solutions that don’t involve any animals!

Where can we buy your food?

Check out our stockists page! We’re widening our network of restaurant and retail partners all the time.

But aren’t soybeans unhealthy?

No. Soybean is a healthy legume. They’re high in essential nutrients and minerals, and offer up relatively complete amino acids. Over the years, there has been some talk of how ‘isoflavones’ or ‘phytoestrogens’ in soy can detrimentally affect our hormone levels. But the current consensus within the scientific and nutritional communities, is that conversely – isoflavones found in soy are thousands of times weaker than oestrogen, and can actually help reduce the incidence of certain cancers. Additionally, soy does not lower your testosterone levels.

Ok FINE. But isn’t your soy GM? Or bad for the Amazon rainforest?

Nope. All of the soy we use has been declared GMO-free. And it doesn’t come from Brazil! It’s currently grown in the USA. (Unfortunately we don’t grow much soy here in the UK.)

What does THIS™ taste like?


Who’s THIS™ for?!

THIS™ is for everyone. We don’t discriminate. But if you’re a carnivore looking to cut down, vegetarian or vegan who longs for the taste and texture of meat without the environmental impact, or even just looking for a food that’s healthy with a protein and iron kick, THIS is for you.

How do I cook THIS™?

Where you see “ready to eat” on our packaging, feel free to gorge straight away. For the rest of our products, follow the instructions on the packaging, a quick pan fry for the chicken and bacon, and a blast in the oven for the goujons.

Is THIS™ gluten-free?

Technically not…but many of our products do not contain gluten (minus the goujons). At the moment they’re produced in a factory that handles ingredients that do contain gluten so we can’t officially say we are gluten-free.

What’s the environmental impact of THIS™ vs meat?

We’re proud that our CO2 emissions are super low vs any meat-based alternative.

Does THIS™ contain alliums?

The Isn’t Bacon rashers don’t and there’s a tiny amount in all the Isn’t Chicken products . But, because all products are made in an environment that also handles alliums (onion/garlic), we can’t say they’re allium-free.