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Our founders’ last job entailed selling tonnes (literally tonnes) of meat. Then they felt bad (probs all that sat fat). Also, they felt like meat-alternatives weren’t realllllly for people who love the taste of meat. They felt, that they were for people who like sandals with socks (and the taste of sandals).
So they’ve basically made food for themselves, but we’d love you to try it too cos THIS™ is a game-changer – 100% plant-based, high in protein, waay lower in saturated fat than meat, yet FULL of flavour.

Here are a few to get you salivating…



Customer service must be hard when you sell crap products. But, it can also be hard when you sell great products. It’s not just Matthew; we’ve had tonnes of pple send THIS™️ back because they thought it was meat – we even had a 2 star review on a supermarket site last wk from a lady called Laura, because ‘..the sausages mimic the taste and texture of pork and it’s off-putting for vegetarians’. Cheers Laura.

Anyway – our mission is to force animals into retirement, so that’s what we’ll carry on doing – even if customer service remains unexpectedly challenging.

Andy & Pete

Since our launch 3 years ago, we’ve saved over a MILLION animals. While also wanting to save us all from naff plant-based alternatives, our mission is to herd animals into retirement, off the farms and into rocking chairs and bingo halls. And we won’t stop until we’ve run out of chairs x





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There are no mf snakes in THIS™ range
After an entire year of work, we are proud to present our brand new Isn’t Chicken Pieces. Stuff that’s been improved: the flavour, the succulence (loads), number of ingredients (nearly halved), the shape - basically everything.
Available in major supermarkets nationwide.
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The customer isn’t always right
*not to scale
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